Call of duty: Black ops 4 - XBOX ONE

Call of duty: Black ops 4 - XBOX ONE

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Black Ops is FINALLY back and it promises to pack an even bigger bang than its predecessors. For the first time, campaign mode will not be included in the game and is replaced with 3 main modes: BLACKOUT, MULTIPLAYER and ZOMBIES


The Black Ops has created a Battle Royale inspired mode known as Blackout!l It’s simple, just be the last one standing!


The grounded Multiplayer provides the best of Black Ops. There is a new level of online action with new weapons, maps and modes for you to play and master.

Also returning is the Pick 10 Create-a-Class system and a new Gear category for you to explore, offering more customisation and personalisation than before. As you level up as your Specialist, you can combine this with the Scorestreaks to cause devastating results.


Stroll alongside the dangerous cells in Mob of the Dead as the Zombies come to life. All you need to do is escape and kill all the hungry bloodthirsty zombies, but it’s a lot harder than what it looks. Think you have what it takes?